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How to detect removal or shielding when the car is install GPS Tracker?

In recent years, many criminals have used the GPS positioning function to secretly install the GPS tracker on the target car, and then find the right time according to the driving route, and do some illegal activities (such as car stealing, robbery, post-mortgage) Driving back again caused a lot of mortgage cars, and the owner of the used car trading market suffered heavy losses). We must know that this phenomenon is quite serious, so this can explain why new cars need to be dismantled and positioned. Of course, the tracker can not be removed in all cases.

With the rising of the GPS tracker industry, many vehicles are equipped with on-board GPS trackers knowingly or unknowingly.  The direction of the vehicle’s driving route and the time and place of stay are all at a glance, causing great troubles and interruptions to vehicle owners. The GPS tracker with oil and power failure prevents the vehicle from starting.

It can be said that it has caused a great safety hazard to the vehicle and the owner. It is not easy to remove the GPS tracker. The most advanced GPS signal analysis in China must be used. The detectors and professionals conduct a carpet search on the vehicle, and find all the wiring GPS and wireless GPS positioning devices on the vehicle, so that the privacy of the vehicle owner can be guaranteed.

Regardless of the wired GPS tracker or the wireless GPS tracker, as long as the signal is transmitted, it will be captured by the GPS detection device, and then locate, search, and remove. Therefore, even if the incubation period of the GPS locator is set for a long time, it can be detected and removed by the detection equipment.

When it comes to this, some friends may still be worried, after all, when there are omissions in equipment or manual testing, it is impossible to achieve 100%. Yes, this situation is undeniable, but the probability is particularly low. So what can we do to detect the GPS tracker on the vehicle more effectively?




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